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Interpreter as Accomplice: The Value of Courage (IAA-T-08 Asynch)

Interpreter as Accomplice is a framework that was introduced to the interpreting field during the summer of 2017 at the SLC, Utah RID Conference. In this workshop, Jonathan provides a brief but deep dive into what it means to engage in accomplice thinking and acting with a focus on the value of Courage.

*IAA: The Value of Courage - This course is presented in lieu of the anticipated live 10/09/22 session that had to be cancelled. You will have FOURTEEN (14) days from date and time of registration to complete this course, during which time you may log in/out as needed to complete the total 90min course. Those taking this course after the initial 14 days of availability will see the course duration updated to allow the standard seven (7) day access.

Participants must view recordings in full, and submit all required assignments. Those wishing a certificate of completion and/or RID CEUs must also submit the closing quiz form. This activity has been approved for 0.15 RID CEUs in the Professional Studies: Power, Privilege and Oppression category.
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