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Self Analysis: Space & Concept Equivalency (Intended Audience: Hearing Interpreters) [1 RID CEU] (IS-P-01)

This course offers new and seasoned interpreters the opportunity to take a critical look at how space is used within an interpretation when working from spoken English to ASL. Participants will work off of a brief spoken English sample and provide a cold interpretation. This cold interpretation will then be used by the participant to analyze their work. Additionally, participants will analyze sample interpretations and conduct a comparative analysis. This work will then culminate in participants reinterpreting the original sample with the goal of incorporating as much appropriate space as possible with a final analysis of their cold and finished interpretations. This course is intended for hearing interpreters, and in particular, those for whom ASL is not their first language. While this is the intended audience, all ASL interpreters are encouraged to deliberately examine their use of space and this course may provide support in doing such.

Required Materials: Computer, Internet Access, Video Recording Device, *streaming subscription

*Completion of this course requires access to Sign Enhancers' video library (https://yourvolution.vhx.tv/), with a recommended monthly subscription plan.

From sign-up to completion you will have a total of 45 days. No extensions are available except for verifiable circumstances of serious illness or tragedy.

Student Learning Outcomes:
Participants will be able to...
1) analyze an interpretation for use of space.
2) incorporate appropriate use of space in an interpretation.

*Completion of this course requires access to Sign Enhancers' video library (https://yourvolution.vhx.tv/), with a recommended monthly subscription plan ($24.95/month). Multiple courses may be taken by the same individual, simultaneously, utilizing a single subscription service. As an alternative, access Tutorial 100: Use of Space & Sign Choice which you can locate as a DVD at www.SignEnhancers.com by clicking on DVDs & Books and then conducting a search.
  • Intro
  • Name & RID Member No.
  • Helpful tips and hints!
  • Cold Interpretation
  • Self Assessment 1A: General Reflection
  • Self Assessment 1B: Processing Time
  • Self Assessment 1C: Referents
  • Self Assessment 1D: Use
  • Self Assessment 1E: Body Position
  • Instructions: Sentential & Phrasal Analysis
  • Sentential & Phrasal Analysis
  • Reporting: Sentential & Phrasal Analysis
  • Interpreting Example #1
  • Comparative Analysis #1
  • Reflection #1
  • Interpreting Example #2
  • Comparative Analysis #2
  • Reflection #2
  • Interpreter Example Assessment #1
  • Interpreter Example Assessment #2
  • Review
  • Rehearsed Interpretation
  • Self Assessment 2A: General Reflection
  • Self Assessment 2B: Processing Time
  • Self Assessment 2C: Referents
  • Self Assessment 2D: Use
  • Self Assessment 2E: Body Position (clone)
  • Wrap-Up
  • Evaluation
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever